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Amie Petite


If you've never sought an erotic services provider before, please take your time to browse my website and those of my friends. We all have particular ways of doing things but it will give you an idea of what's expected and should help put you at ease.

If you're an old hand in the industry, please make yourself familiar with my peculiars. Some things your last ATF required I won't care about and vice versa.

Either way, I look forward to making your kind acquaintance.
Take your time with this website; it will give you a great deal of useful information. For returning friends, updates will appear at the bottom of this page first.

All images are unretouched and unedited. They are not only me, but me in my most raw photographic form.
  1. You and Adelle are an erotic force to be reckoned with.
  2. You are a force of nature
  3. You are a gorgeous, funny, intelligent woman, and so damn sexy! So thanks for all that.
  4. Thank you for the lovely warmth and kindness
  5. Amie, thank you for everything! You are an amazing spirit and a beautiful person. Thank you!
  6. I think about you and our time together a lot. You are an amazingly sexy and sensual woman. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with you and creating such wonderful memories!
  7. Thanks for being sweet
  8. For the short time we spent together, you filled a void that's been empty for too long.
  9. A duo with you and Claire is the experience of a lifetime
  10. This was a one time deal, but it was worth it
  11. I've imagined this since I first met you. You set my expectations high, then beat them.
I cut my hair recently and drastically. In case you're the type who cares about hair length, just thought you'd like to know.