Thank you for coming; I look forward to our future erotic adventures. Be prepared: what you see in the following pages might be a bit naughty and is definitely not safe for work. You might research TOR browsers, burner phones, and the like to find out how to keep yourself safe from the stigma and penalties surrounding this delicious world. You certainly won't find any here.

Please spend some time with this website; new clients will want to know where to start and old hands in the industry should know where I differ from my fellow foxes. Please don't make my busy assistant Rose copy and paste info you will both find here.

First: Read about me and get a feel for how I present myself; refresh yourself on my FAQs
Second: Reach out and join me. Map, contact form, calendar, rate and session info.
Third: What next? See my friends? Check out my images? Come back for more?

Calendar: The only page here that's safe for work, to make it easy for us all.
Extras: Duo ideas, fantasies, and thoughts. A sampling of my blog.

For returning friends, updates will appear at the bottom of this page as well as in newsletters and on occasion via tweet.

All images are unretouched and unedited. They are not only me, but honestly so. Images by alex.p.raincity@gmail.com and tna.jughead@gmail.com. Design by yours truly.


I've moved to a new apartment in the same building. Entry instructions have been updated.

As of 12-2-17, I haven't had new photos taken with the short hair. With the move completed and no major travel planned, new photo shoot in the new apartment coming soon.