About Amie Petite

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I've been working in Seattle's erotic industry for over five years now as dancer, escort, masseusse, and all around sensualista. I've dabbled in kink, checked out tantra, and settled into my own flexible vanilla swirl.

I'm growing in my appreciation for the finer things in life such as flavorful food, gentle men, and a smattering of world travel. I'm petite, standing at 62 inches and carrying only 125 well proportioned pounds*. Educated at a private religious college, I graduated agnostic with a budding sexual appetite and found my way to Seattle where I proceeded to explore the fuck out of it. A year in I decided to formalize my frisking and started seeing clients. It's been fantastic.

Since then I've completed massage school and grown my practice of both intimate unidirectional bodywork and respectful reciprocal touch. I've been experimenting with adding the complete package back to my repertoire and this is it.

Amie Petite is the new Christina Slater. Updated to reflect my changing needs and desires, Amie is more sure of herself, more cosmopolitan, more fit, yet still the same erudite goofball you've learned to love. My newsletter will still come out on the fifth and I'll still publish every Thursday so not much has changed exceptt my site is much prettier and, well, a quick peek at my rates and dates will show you other changes.

*It's both common and understandable to fudge numbers in this industry. I don't. Keep in mind that if I said I was 115# and 24 years old you wouldn't question it.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are you?
A: I am a 28 year old erotic bodyworker in Seattle, WA who provides a sensual and intimate touch, entertaining conversation, and companionship. Often called FBSM and Escort work

Q: How can I meet you?
A: Fill out my contact form with all requested information and my assistant Rose will plan our first get together

Q: Where will we meet?
A: I have a private studio set aside for us in the First Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Specifics will be provided once an appointment is confirmed.

Q: When can we meet?
A: Generally during the day Sunday through Friday. Plan ahead for longer get togethers or evening rendezvous. See my calendar on my contact page for more detailed scheduling information

Q: What do you expect of me?
A: I expect you to be clean and kind. Clean means either freshly showered or reasonably unscented. I have facilities to make this so should it be needed. Kind means not pushy, resentful, or intoxicated by anything other than my sparkling presence, haha.

Q: How do you feel about gifts?
A: I love learning about people. What they decide to gift tells me something new and interesting about me. You can find my wish lists HERE

Q: Do you 'speak other languages'?
A: This, and all other 'do you do activity x?' questions will, alas, go unanswered online. I can assure you you'll have a good time and I describe myself as Good, Giving, and Game in the immortal words of Dan Savage but you'll just have to come and find that out for yourself.

Q: Why haven't I heard back from you?
A: If Rose hasn't gotten back to you, either it needs my direct attention and I take more time than she does or it's been overlooked. You are welcome to send a single reminder a day or so after your initial contact but if your second contact goes unanswered, it's possibly missing critical information.

Q: Are you disabled/transgender/female/etc friendly?
A: I'll work with anyone who smells nice and behaves respectfully. I may need your help understanding and working with your perspective if it's outside the more cis/het narrative but I take great joy in learning about new people and sharing new experiences so please don't fear rejection for things you have no control over.
Q: What if I'm running late?
A: Please let me know as soon as you find out if you are running either late or early. The more time I have to plan, the more smoothly any hiccups are dealt with. You can email, text, or call day-of to reach me.

Q: What if I'm early?
A: Early arrivals should wait either in a parked vehicle, or in one of the nearby coffee shops or restaurants. Let me know when you arrive and if I am ready, I will call you up. Return friends: please DO NOT come to my building until I'm ready.

Q: What if I have to cancel last minute?
A: Let me know as soon as you can and I'll let you know. My policy ranges from 100% prepaid for a no-show to 10% gratuity for night before or longer. Fees are directly proportionate to the amount of inconvenience I experience due to your cancellation. A 20$ Amazon gift card to Rose is required for all apointments cancelled after confirmation

Q: Do you do duos?
A: Fuck yes. You can find willing playmates in my gallery or introduce me to your ATF if I don't know them yet.

Q: May I bring toys?
A: During our first encounter, please feel free to tell me about toys you enjoy using or having used on yourself. I am willing to experiment with what you bring but will not purchase toys for you, nor will any be used on me in our sessions.

Q: Are you fetish friendly?
A: Yes, in that I love learning about alternative sexualities and am happy to talk about them. No, in that I am poorly equipped in temperament for role play or BDSM activities. You would be better served elsewhere.

Q: Do you offer overnights?
A: Yes, once we've gotten to know one another better. Rates starting at 1800USD. We can talk more after we meet.

Q: Do you have alternative Screening?
A: Yes. Screening options are listed on my contact page.

Q: Will you come to me?
A: I might, after we get to know one another or if you have an extreme circumstance. Outcalls come with a fee depending on how difficult your location is for me to reach.