Apres Notre Rendez-Vous

Wasn't that amazing!?

Now that we've met and are looking forward to next time, You should know some things. 

First, our options are expanding. If you'd like to try something a little more passionate, a little more multidirectional, a little more fun and less relaxing, we can try that. I have no expectations; it's your choice to try something new.

Second, you have my number and my email address now. Please do not share my number or my private email address. Don't put them in reviews, don't give them to other providers, don't give them to your best friend who absolutely is welcome to come see me the same way you did. I'm happy to give references to other providers; please give them the email adress contact(a)amiepetite.com

Third, you should know how to get 'grandfathered in' to lower rates. Most ladies offer grandfathered rates to those they've seen in the past. I appreciate that but I'm nicking an idea from Sofina who in turn, I think, got it from Magdalene Hart

In lieu of grandfathering in old, old friends, we reward those who come see us more regularly. If you come see me quarterly (once every three months) or more (as often as every other week), you can get grandfathered in at the following rates:

Bodywork: 220/260/320 for 60/90/120 minutes
La Petite Amie Experience: 450/500/600 for 60/90/120 minutes

Fourth, you should know I strongly encourage you to schedule via my assistant Rose. I know it can feel special to want to schedule through me and sometimes we'll want to do something really unusual that I will have to attend to but If you're looking for a simple get together during my regular days, please let her do her job. As a practical aside, she is generally much faster than me at getting back to you so you're better off establishing that rapport with her for when you genuinely have a scheduling bung up.

You're welcome to text or email flirty, fun, or interesting things to my private email address but don't take it hard if I don't respond.
Fun stuff!

I love gifts and things. You can find some neat stuff on my Amazon Wishlist or send me gift cards to Home Depot, Amazon, Venus, AlaskaAir, Bed Bath and Beyond, or my leasing ofice, haha. I'll accept scholarships to things like News in slow French, The Center for Wooden Boats, Seattle Central Continuing education program, or if you'd prefer to donate in my name Mary's Place and Family Law CASA  are both good local organizations or the legal fund at CoSWAC  is supporting some of the local political agitation.

Finally, no, you don't have to use this form. Know this, though: every email missing critical information such as date(s) desired, at least a time frame of a few hours, session style, and duration shuld include a 5$ Amazon Gift Card. I will levy the 'stop making my assistant work harder than she needs to' tax as often as necessary ;-p